Season 01 – Episode 07

Kea, or Tzia as it also known, is a small island located an hour from Athens by ferry, discovers an all organic farm and Pasteli, a healthy on the go snack. Chef Yianni makes the local specialty “Paspala” and “Spanakorizo”….


Origin History – Tzia

Tzia, whose official name is Kea, is a Greek island that belongs to the island cluster of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. Due to its short distance from Athens, Tzia is often called “the gateway to the Cyclades”. Visitors to Kea may imagine that its description as an island of hilly terrain and arid climate leads to the safe conclusion that the island is a desolate place. However, the island’s interior conceals a surprise: apart from its breathtaking natural vistas, Tzia has some of the richest flora in Greece: rare endemic plants, aromatic herbs, and delicate wildflowers can be seen everywhere while Tzia boasts of a feature unique in the Cyclades: the largest oak forest which has earned Tzia a place in the Natura 2000 Network.  Kea’s port is Korissia on the northwestern side of the island (Bay of Aghios Nikolaos), one of the Mediterranean’s largest naturally sheltered ports. Old cobblestone alleys and narrow passageways, traditional stone-built mansions, and ruins of medieval towers with that of Aghia Marina being the most significant one, compose a one-of-a-kind picture. Kea’s dreamy beaches and spellbinding sunsets would have been enough for an unforgettable vacation but once combined with the the island’s rich culinary tradition, that vacation becomes a unique experience. Visitors to Kea can expect every day to bring a culinary surprise of homemade recipes one more delicious than the other, one more traditional than the next!