Athens (s03e01)

The Parthenon – Monastiraki and the changing of the guards is what comes to mind for most people when they think about Athens……but on this episode Michalis has a whole other Athens to show you.



Marathonas (s03e02)

Join Chef Michalis as he visits the city named after the fennel herb, pays homage at the Battle of Marathon and the Olympic sport of endurance at The Marathon Museum, learns about pistachio cultivation and creates dishes with pistachios and fennel



Kalamata (s03e04)

The second most populous city of the Peloponnese peninsula, home of the Kalamata olive and olive oil, an open-air Railway Park and the Archaelogical Museum of Messinia are featured on this leg of Chef Michalis’ journey where he also gets a cooking lesson from a former classmate.



Pylos (s03e05)

Striped Sea Bass Ceviche, Greek Coleslaw, Broccoli Mash and Cinnamon Cookies are some of the recipes highlighted today while Chef Michalis’ journey takes him to a Green Olive Oil Factory, an Ottoman castle and a European Natura site



Ermioni (s03e06)

Join Chef Michalis as he visits a town that has been inhabited with almost no interruption since 3000 BC, tours a museum with ties to the Greek War of Independence and demonstrates how to make poached fish, lentil risotto, an easy olive bread and satisfies your sweet tooth with an orange tart



Loutraki (s03e07)

The blue lagoon of the Corinthian Gulf, the Corinth Canal, ancient and modern thermal spas, potato soup with feta bruschetta, pork gyros and Greek French toast are on today’s menu of travel and eating.



Ancient Olympia (s03e08)

The birthplace of the Olympics, the archeological museum of Olympia, the first fountain in Peloponissos, and the temple of Apollon Epicurius are explored while Chef Michalis makes a variety of Greek pasta dishes and chocolate truffles.



Livadia (s03e09)

Join Chef Michalis as he visits Persephone’s Playground, visits an organic farm where he gathers freshly picked ingredients for a special fish soup, tours the Historical and Ethnological Museum of Greece and the Nazi Victims Museum.



Lamia (s03e10)

The historic bridge of WWII’s Operation Harling, the battleground of Thermopylae and the history of rice cultivation in Greece are explored while Chef Michalis makes a wild greens risotto, sun-dried tomato crusted veal roast and rice pudding.



Mykonos Easter (s03e11)

On today’s episode, Chef Michalis shares the traditions of Greek Easter, learns how to make mayeritsa, the customary soup of Easter, the traditional Easter bread called Tsoureki, goes horseback riding and even takes a turn at roasting the traditional Easter lamb



Crete (s03e12)

Join Chef Michalis as he hikes the most-walked footpath in Greece, tours a traditional dairy product farm, explores a Municipal Market that dates back to 1913 and visits two companies dedicated to creating all natural and organic specialty products.