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The Show

A culinary television series that showcases the wondrous sights, sounds and tastes of Greece. Embark on a Grecian odyssey to explore the rich and authentic tastes and history of Greek cuisine. Viewers will learn about Greek cuisine and history through the locals from each place that is visited with special simple-to-follow cooking demonstrations.

The Mediterranean diet has been a way of life for thousands of years in the various regions of the Mediterranean such as Greece, Lebanon, Syria, Spain and Morocco, and has most recently been the focal point of the health industry in the United States. The “Cooking Odyssey” embarks on a journey to bring to its viewing audience the unique traditions, culture and recipes of the Mediter- ranean to each viewer’s home.

Filmed on location in the Mediterranean and in New York, in an eco-friendly kitchen, “The Cooking Odyssey” offers television viewers of all ages and backgrounds a tantalizing first-hand look into the world of Mediterranean culture and all its traditions. From the mountains of the Peloponnese region to the crystal azure waters of the Aegean Sea, “The Cooking Odyssey” showcases an array of breathtaking regions of the Mediterranean for a truly unique culinary experience.

Our hosts will lead viewers across America on a culinary voyage to highlight the Mediterranean diet, meet fascinating people, and explore organic farming, which has long been the way of life in the Mediterranean for thousands of years. Viewers will learn about Mediterranean cuisine and history from the local farmers, townspeople and restaurant owners and chefs in each place that is visited and Chef Yanni highlights local recipes from each region visited with simple-to-follow cooking demonstrations in the studio kitchen.

This television series promises to capture the incredible landscape, the glorious sun and the natural beauty of the Mediterranean for a unique culinary and travel experience right from your home. “The Cooking Odyssey” aims to be the virtual Mediterranean gastronomic culinary odyssey never before seen on television.